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White Gold, Black Hands, Ivory Sculpture in Congo vol. 6

Edited by Marc Leo Felix

Compiled at the Congo Basin Art History Research Center Brussels, Belgium

June 2013

Marc Leo Felix, H. Kellim Brown, Bernard de Grunne, Thomas Bayet, Pierre Loos

Worned Cover

Marc Leo Felix : Prologue

Ivory Sculpture in Umaniema and Ukivu

H. Kellim Brown : Crossing the Lega Ivory Spectrum. A contemporary ride trough "Heavy things" in Maniema (Part two)

Bernard de Grunne : On Lega Styles

L'Art de l'Ìvoire chez les Bashi du Kivu

Thomas Bayet : I. Présentation générale du peuple Shi

Pierre Loos : II. L'Ivoire chez les Bashi

In association with The Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium Ethnic Art & Culture Ltd., Hong Kong S.A.R. of P.R. of China Tribal Arts S.P.R.L Brussels, Belgium

Published by Gemini Sun Qiquhar, Heilungkiang

The People's Republic of China

304 pp, 2013

Ok - 01/20 - 10

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