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Kongo across the waters

 2013 - 458 pp

Edited by Susan Cooksey, Robin Poynor, and Hein Vanhee

With editorial assistance by Carlee S. Forbes

University Press of Florida

Soft Cover


Part I. Kongo in Africa

1. The Culture of Mbanza Kongo

Linda Heywood and John Thornton

Focus 1. King Pedro VII of Kongo (r.1923-55)

2. By the Sword and the Cross : Power and Faith in the Arts of the Christians Kongo

Cécile Fromont

Focus 2. The Capuchin's Didactic Documents

3. Rock Art as a Source for the History of the Kongo Kingdom

Geoffroy Heimlich

Focus 3. The Kongo Cross across Centuries

4. Kongo, North America and the Slave Trade

Jelmer Vos

Focus 4. Images of the Middle Passage

5. The Kongo Kingdom and European Diplomacy

Linda Heywood and John Thornton

Focus 5. Portraits of Kongo Diplomats


Catalogue section 1. Kongo Kingdom Art


6. Kongo in the Age of Empire

Hein Vanhee and Jelmer Vos

Focus 6. Antonio, Mambouc of Nzobe in the 1890s

7. Transatlantic Souvenirs : A Dialogue of Slavery and Memory in Kongo-Inspired

Relief Sculpture

Nichole N. Bridges

Focus 7. Depicting the Slave Trade


Catalogue section 2. Trade and Chiefs in the Nineteenth Century


8. Renewal and Reinterpretation in Kongo Religion

John M. Janzen

9. On Nsambi Pluriarcs

Rémy Jadinon

Focus 8. Praetorius Displays Kongo Instruments, 1619


Catalogue section 3. Rites of Passage / Musical Instruments


10. Meaning and Aesthetics in Kongo Art

Wyatt MacGaffey

Focus 9. The Master of Kasadi

11. A Touch of Exoticism : "European Fashion" in Kongo

Julien Volper

Focus 10. The Land of the Dead


Catalogue section  4. Protection and Healing / Commemorating the Dead / Traditional Forms and individual creativity


Part II. Kongo in the Americas


12. Kongo and the Archaeology of Early African America

Christopher C. Fennell

Focus 11. Crossing the South

West Central African Spirit Practices in Annapolis, Maryland

Kathryn H. Deeley, Stefan F. Woehlke, Mark P. Leone and Matthew Cochran


Catalogue section 5. Kongo in Early America


14. Africanisms in American English : Critical Notes on Sources and Methodology

Jacky Maniacky

15. Kongo Cuisine and the Middle Passage in Terms of Peanuts

Birgit Ricquier

16. Africa Is What You Make It : Kongo in African American Folk Arts

Jason Young

Focus 12. Kongo Ideas and Aesthetics in African American Ceramics

17. The Kongo Connection : Central African Baskets and Their American Kin

Dale Rosengarten

Focus 13. Continuing the Legacy of Lowcountry Coiled Baskets

18. Kongo Music and Dance at New Orleans' Congo Square

Freddi Williams Evans

Focus 14. Remembering Congo Square

19. Nineteenth-Century Americans Shed Light on Kongo

Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi

Focus 15. Kongo in the Engravings of Pieter van der Aa

20. "Seeing Kongo" : A Lens on African American Landscapes

Grey Gundaker

Focus 16. Kongo Afterlife in Florida

21. From Tidewater to Tampa : Yard Activation in the Kongo-Atlantic Tradition

Kellim Brown


Catalogue section 6. Kongo Resonance in African American Cultures


Part III. Kongo in Contemporary Art


22. Kongo Inspiration in Contemporary World Art

Susan Cooksey and Robin Poynor

Focus 17. Memory in the Afro-Atlantic

23. Kongo Squared : The Art of Renée Stout

Michael D. Harris

24. Minkisi and Dikenga in the Art of Radcliffe Bailey : Multiplied


Carol Thompson

25. Kongo Resonance in the Paintings of Edouard Duval-Carrié

Donald Cosentino

26. José Bedia : Crossing the Waters

Judith Bettelheim

Catalogue section 7. Kongo Inspiration in Contemporary Art

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